Lyndon's Pit Bar-B-Q, located at 5320 Hollister St, opened in 1997 bringing bona-fide Texas-style barbecue to the northwest corridor of sprawling Houston. Owners, Lyndon Maeker (pronounced may'-ker) and sons Mark and Matthew, have 75 combined years experience in barbecuing and restaurant management. The end product definitely benefits fom this in-depth know-how.

Restaurant namesake Lyndon Maeker left a career in manufacturing engineering to see a long-time dream come true. Maeker was born in Posey, just southeast of Lubbock. He lived on his parents' farm until leaving for college. Maeker graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in industrial management/marketing. He concentrated his career in the bustling oil business in Houston, working in the manufacture of oilfield equipment. His last position in engineering, a career that spanned 30 years, was with McEvoy Oilfield Equipment, a division of Sii, as manager of manufacturing engineering.

Says the father of three sons, two of whom are his restaurant partners and work with him daily in the restaurant, "I was the designated caterer during my tenure in the oilfield supply industry. Whenever our company, department or division had a picnic or party, I took care of the barbecue." Slowly and methodically, Maeker fine-tuned his skills at the pit, experimenting with various woods, seasoning combinations, rubs and "mops" (the liquid flavor-enhancer that adds depth to any barbecue). Eventually, he mastered the techniques and recipes and was ready to "go commercial" with his barbecue.

Having two sons who are degreed professions in the restaurant and hospitality industry made Lyndon's decision to become his own boss a little easier. Oldest son Mark, was born in Houston and raised in Lewisville, a suburb of Dallas. Like his father, he also went to Texas Tech and graduated with a degree in Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional management. Mark says that he knew in high school that restaurant and hospitality would be his career. After college, he was recruited by Marriott. Of his five years with the hotel giant, his most interesting assignment was working at the Marriott Riverwalk in San Antonio, a behemoth with 1,000 rooms in the heart of downtown. Later he moved to Dallas and worked for a Tex-Mex chain, Tia's, before joining his father and brother to develop Lyndon's in 1997.

Younger son Matthew, took a career route similar to his brother's. He also graduated with a restaurant management degree from Texas Tech. After receiving his degree, he opted for a job with a popular barbecue restaurant in Dallas. At the time Matt joined the restaurant, there were two locations. Before he left the corporation in 1997, the concept had grown into 12 locations. Matt was involved in the start-up operation of five of the new units, gaining valuable experience for his ultimate goal of owning his own barbecue restaurant. Matt is the father of two sons, Austin and Zachery, and lives in Bellville.